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This site was created to help the millions of people that are affected by sleep disorders. The National Institutes of Health estimate that around 30% of people have issues with sleep, while 10% of those have problems so severe that it affects their daily. You do not have to sign up or register to use any of our resources - everything is free and will always will be.

About Us

The authors of this website have 20+ years researching, experimenting and optimizing their sleep. All of them have faced various sleep ailments over their adult lives and were frustrated with the lack of concise and actionable information regarding sleep and insomnia on the web.

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If you believe that you can add to our site or simply want to let us know how were doing, feel free to visit our Contact Page and use the form provided to email us. We run this site for fun so please bear with us if it takes a day or so to get back to you :)